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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth generally emerge through a person’s late teens or early twenties. In most cases they develop without complications. However sometimes they cause issues and require extraction. These complications primarily occur when the tooth (or teeth) becomes impacted and grows into other teeth, causing them to crowd and often resulting in pain. The second issue occurs if the wisdom teeth erupt at different speeds or only partially erupt, leaving a pocket of gum tissue exposed and vulnerable to painful, recurrent infection and gum disease.

The most effective treatment to alleviate these issues is to remove the impacted or infected wisdom teeth. This procedure is quite common and can usually take place at our practice with the removal of one or all four wisdom teeth in a single session under a local anaesthetic. For more complicated problems or anxious patients, wisdom tooth extraction can take place at the local hospital under general anaesthetic.

The recovery period generally involves a few days of rest, eating relatively soft foods and avoiding alcohol and hot drinks. Patients may experience some swelling and minor bleeding which is normal and should subside fairly quickly.

Contact our staff to organise an appointment with our experienced dentists to examine and discuss you or your children’s wisdom teeth.